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a Registered Home Inspector with over 20 years of inspection experience in the Ottawa and surrounding area.

To say Steve is thorough is an understatement, and he explained things to me as he went,keeping me informed in a way that was clear, kind, yet realistic and helpful. I can't recommend him or his services highly enough!”

Sonja S


“I was referred to Steve by my real estate agent and was extremely pleased. Steve is very professional, personable and thorough. He took the time to go through everything with us and made sure that we understood. I highly recommend his services.”

Nick K


Last October, you did a pre-purchase home inspection on three properties we were looking at. We purchased the last of the three, and your report identified a few issues that should be addressed immediately.  

Your inspection reports are always key documents for us. Using your report as a basis for our priority setting, we immediately addressed those top three issues. We continue to use the report to determine which other repairs will be addressed in the near and medium term. In fact, we found it most helpful to have the categories - ie electrical, plumbing, etc to make our list. The report has also been useful when dealing with contractors to illustrate exactly what problem needs to be fixed.

We know you are picky and very thorough -- that is why we hire you because we are as well. We believe that proper house maintenance is key to protecting one's investment, plus we like to sleep well at night. Although purchasing a newly built home was tempting, we are happy with our purchase and location. 

Thanks so much for providing such a comprehensive building inspection. 

RC - Ottawa

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